How to Choose Stone Crusher
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Stone crusher is the preferred equipment for sand and gravel production. As there are many types of sand and gravel equipment, many friends in the sand and gravel industry are not very clear about the types and production capacity of sand and gravel equipment even if they have been in the industry for many years. With the vigorous expansion of the sand and gravel industry now, more and more new friends have begun to join and old friends have begun to expand the scale. There is more and more demand for stone crushers, and the need to know stone crushers is also increasing and more urgent.

Sand making machine has two functions of sand making and shaping. It can effectively make marble, pebbles, iron ore, limestone, and other stones into small stones and sand of different sizes. This equipment has always been a popular machine to make artificial sand. It is often used in the last process of a sand making production line. By shaping the stone, it has better quality in line with relevant national standards.

Stone crushers used for crushing stones include jaw crushers, hammer crushers, compound crushers, impact crushers, etc. If the particles you need are slightly smaller, use a sand making machine. Generally, a stone crusher is used for crushing stones.

Coarse crushing equipment-jaw crusher. In the coarse crushing stage of stone crushing, the main function of the jaw crusher is to crush the original and large materials into suitable specifications for use in the second stage of crushing. Various ores such as granite, limestone, cobblestone, bluestone, calcite, etc. can be used.

Medium and fine crushing equipment-impact crusher, impact crusher is usually used in the medium crushing stage. It uses impact energy to crush materials, and the finished materials are mostly cubes. It is ideal processing equipment for aggregates for high-level road surface and hydropower construction. It should be noted that the impact crusher is more suitable for crushing materials below medium hardness, such as limestone, coal gangue, weathered rock, etc., and is more suitable for processing and using small and medium-sized stone production lines.

Medium and fine crushing equipment-hydraulic cone crusher, in addition to impact crusher, cone crusher is also commonly used medium and fine crushing equipment, there are different options such as spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher is a new generation of cone crusher, which is superior to other cone crushers in terms of technology and crushing performance.

In addition to the above-mentioned crushing equipment, a complete stone crushing production line also requires feeders, conveyors, vibrating screens, and other auxiliary equipment. How to use each piece of equipment together is closely related to the types of crushed materials and the use of materials. It is recommended that you choose a reliable company to design the plan, and the overall design of the production line, the selection of equipment, the quality of finished materials, the output, and other factors will be taken into consideration, so there is a high probability that there will be no mistakes.

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