Influencing Factors of Magnetic Separator Effect
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Magnetic separator is widely used in mining, kiln industry, chemistry and other fields. It is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite with particle size less than 3mm, and also used to remove iron from coal, non-metallic ore, building materials and other materials. The magnetic separator plays an irreplaceable role in the mineral processing industry. In the process of its use, what factors will affect the magnetic separation effect and in what ways can people improve the production efficiency of magnetic separators? This article will find out.

1. Magnetic Force

As we all know, the magnetic separator mainly uses magnetic force to separate the different magnetic substances in the materials. Therefore, when the magnetic materials enters the magnetic field again, the magnitude of its force depends on the strength of the magnetic field, and the strength of the magnetic field is closely related to the height of the magnetic field and the gradient of the magnetic field. Therefore, in the design of the magnetic source, not only the strength of the magnetic field, but also the construction of the magnetic field gradient should be considered to ensure that the magnetic force provided by the magnetic source is appropriate.

2. Feed Particle Size

If the feed particle size is small, it means that the separation degree of the material is high and the satisfactory separation index can be obtained. If the feed particle size is coarse, it means that the material is not fully separated and the separation degree is not high so that magnetic particles and gangue will be combined together to reduce the grade of ore concentrate. Therefore, the size of feed particle size is not only related to the output of magnetic separation, but also affects the quality of magnetic separation. When screening materials, it is suggested that the materials should be fully separated. For coarse-grained materials, as long as the mineral and gangue achieve monomer separation, the output and magnetic separation effect can be improved.

3. Barrel Speed

In the operation of the high-speed magnetic separator, because of its relatively fast speed, there is less chance for the coenobium and gangue with smaller magnetism to come up. Only some mineral grain with higher magnetism can be separated, so the quality is higher. On the contrary, when the speed is relatively slow, the ore particles with weaker magnetism also have the opportunity to be sorted due to the magnetic induction, so the quality of ore concentrate is affected. Therefore, in the process of magnetic separation, the small diameter of magnetic separator adopts high speed, and the large diameter adopts low speed.

4. Movement State of Materials

If the magnetic material is slowly placed on the magnet, the material may be attracted. But if you throw the material away from the magnet very quickly, it's probably the opposite. Therefore, the movement state of materials will also affect the magnetic separation effect, so you should try to control the movement state of materials in the magnetic separator not to be too violent.

5. Pulp Concentration

The pulp concentration mainly refers to the overflow concentration of the spiral classifier. If the pulp concentration is too large, the ore concentrate particles are easy to be covered by the finer gangue particles and cannot be separated so that the separation concentration is too high, which seriously affects the quality of the ore concentrate. If the pulp concentration is too small, the separation concentration is too low, and it will cause the flow rate to increase so that some fine magnetic particles fall into the tailings to increase the tailings grade, causing loss. Therefore, pulp concentration should be adjusted as require. In addition, the classification overflow concentration must be determined according to the requirements of magnetic separation. The pulp concentration can not exceed 35%, generally controlled at about 30%, it needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

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