Matters Needing Attention of Flotation Machine
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The Flotation Machine is used to separate non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, rare metals, and non-metallic minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, and molybdenum, after rough selection, sweeping, selection and reverse flotation operations, for useful minerals.


1.Working Principle

The ore pulp is fed to the impeller by the feed pipe, and is thrown into the groove by the centrifugal force generated by the swirling impeller, so a negative pressure is formed under the cover plate, and the air is automatically drawn in by the intake pipe. The inhaled air and pulp are mixed in the upper part of the impeller and thrown into the groove, then negative pressure is generated, and the air is inhaled, so it is carried out continuously.

The ore pulp is carried to the surface by bubbles to form a mineralized foam layer and scraped out by the scraper to get the concentrate. The minerals and gangues that do not float up enter the middle chamber through the gate on the side wall of the tank and are fed into the next flotation tank. The adjustment of pulp level in the tank is completed by adjusting the gate up and down. This is how ore pulp circulates in the machine.


2.Matters Needing Attention 

In daily production, to ensure the service life and work efficiency of the flotation machine, we should pay attention to the taboo and maintenance of the product in the process of use, mainly including the following points:

1. The number (total volume) of a flotation machine system can be determined according to the beneficiation test or the practice. The number of operation should not be too much to avoid short circuit

2. It is necessary to prevent large ore and sundries from falling into the flotation cell, so as to avoid jamming the impeller and affecting normal production.

3. Before starting the machine, check the bolts of all parts and rotate the pulley manually to prevent the deposition of sediment and increase the motor load. It is allowed to feed the ore first, and then start the machine after the impeller of the flotation machine is immersed by the ore pulp to avoid ore splashing.

4. According to the selection requirements, the height of the gate can be adjusted by electric or manual adjustment to maintain the required slurry level and keep the liquid level stable in order to the mineralized foam on the ore slurry surface is scraped into the channel at any time.

5. Suction capacity can be adjusted by suction pipe valve according to different ore properties and requirements of separation operation.

6. During production, pay attention to check the bearing temperature of the motor, regularly inject oil into each lubricating point, and maintain the normal operation and civilized production of the flotation machine.

7. Stop the machine after the ore feeding is completely cut off.

8. The impeller and stator should be kept at a certain distance, and should be replaced when worn. The operating condition of the main shaft bearing should be checked regularly, the bearing in the pump body should be maintained every three months.

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