Mine Ball Mill
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Mine ball mill is one of the matching machines that is based on mining and other mineral processing equipment. It belongs to lattice ball mill, and is the common grinding machinery that widely used in building materials industry, mineral processing industry, power industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry and other fields. The detailed introduction to mine ball mill is as the following, which is a reference for users’ later investment and purchase.

The Main Application

Mine ball mill is the key equipment to smash the materials after they are broken. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, the new-type construction materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, glass, ceramics and other production industries. It can dry or wet grind the various mineral ores and other grindable materials.

The Work Principle

Mine ball mill is composed of the rotary part, main bearing part, feeding part, gear cover part, conveyor part and electrical control part.

When mine ball mill is working, the materials will be sent into the first grinding warehouse evenly and spirally from the feeding device through the hollow shaft. In the first warehouse, there is step liner or corrugated liner, and it is equipped with different specifications of steel balls. The effect that the materials are swiped and ground can be reached by the centrifugal force produced by the cylindrical rotation. After being coarse crushed in the first chamber, the materials will enter into the second warehouse passing the monolayer compartment board. In this cavity, the materials will be ground again because there is flat liner and steel balls. Finally, the powder will be discharged through the discharge plate board, and the grinding operation is over.

The Using Precaution

1. It need to run the mill around half a turn every 5-10 minutes after ball mill stops working, until the mill cools down, in case the temperature difference stress produced on the mill head and shaft diameter is too high.

2. Often checking the oil level of main bearing.

3. The grinding body should be took out in order to prevent the cylinder from bending(Users can put mattress to shore the cylinder).

4. In winter, if the downtime is too long, the cooling water in main bearing shell must be emptied, so it requires that the drain outlet must be lower than the bearing plane, and the three-way cocks must be closed to utilize the siphon principle to discharge the water, which can prevent the main bearing from being frozen.

5. In the absence of power outage without notification, users should first to pull off the disconnecting link, and press the stop button to stop supplying feeding ores and water.

The Price Consultation

The different models of equipment have different price. Henan Zhongde Heavy Industries Mining Machinery has dedicated in mining equipment for more than 30 years. The advantages of ball mill that we produced are including the mature making technology, complete model type and matching facilities, reasonable price and so on. Welcome to consult online to get the specific price list.

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