The Performance Advantages of Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
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The Introduction of Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, with advanced design structure and many performance advantages, is developed by Zhongde Heavy Industries through combining with the advanced foreign crushing technology. It can reach many kinds of functions through optimizing and improving the whole structure of the crusher. The functions are mainly including adjusting discharging port, cleaning chamber, over entering iron and multiple overload protection, which brings more convenience for production and process. This cone crusher has wide application range, such as ferrous metal ores, nonferrous metals ores, non-metallic ores and other industrial fields. We sum up the following outstanding performance advantages, according to the user's actual operation practices.

The Performance Advantages of Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The reason why single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has so many performance advantages has a lot of aspects. The first is the design of structure, the making material of the equipment, the advancement of technology and so on. The following content is the detailed introduction of the performance advantages.

1. Big Production Capacity

The yield is improved by 35%-60% than that of the traditional cone crusher because of the reasonable design of the crushing chamber. Of course, there are also other reasons, such as the quality of equipment, every component, design concept and so on. The reasonable combination of those elements can make the crusher has bigger production capacity and the performance more excellent than that of the traditional equipment.

2. High Efficiency

The design of the main axis is very reasonable, so it can bear large crushing force, and make the crusher has higher crushing efficiency.

3. Uniform Granularity of Finished Products

After being process, the finished products’ granularity is uniform, better quality, and no impurities, so the finished products can be sold with a satisfied price by our users, and the profit can be improved greatly. 

4. Easy to Maintain

This crusher is very easy to maintain because of the good structure sealing capacity and compact structure, which can save users’ maintaining cost. 

5. Long Using Lifespan

Zhongde Heavy Industries chooses the high-quality materials to make single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher through reasonable design. As a result, the using lifespan will be extent, and users can save a lot of cost. 

Zhongde Heavy Industries single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is usually used in production and processing enterprises with big, middle and small scale. Through the years of practical  proving, the performance of this cone crusher is better than that of the traditional crushing equipment, and it can create higher profit for more users. 

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