What Factors Should be Considered When Selecting a Flotation Machine
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Flotation is the main method of separating minerals in the mining industry, and flotation machines are the main equipment in the flotation process. So how to choose the proper flotation machine to improve the separation index?

The choice of flotation machine is related to the type of equipment, specifications and nature of the ore (ore density, particle size, mud content, floatability, etc.), the size of the processing plant, process structure and other factors, the following issues should be noted when selecting.

1. The nature of the ore and the requirements of the sorting operation

For coarse or dense ores, high concentration flotation methods are generally used to reduce the settling speed of particles and reduce the deposition of ore particles, therefore, it is appropriate to choose a high energy mechanical agitation flotation machine. The mechanical agitation flotation machine not only has a high pulp speed and high agitation capacity, but is also easy to start again after shutdown.

If the pulp has a high mud content, the mud enters the froth causing a gradual increase in product concentration in the tank, resulting in insufficient drive power and difficulty in starting after shutdown, in this case a high energy mechanical agitator flotation machine should also be selected.

2. Reasonable determination of flotation machine specifications based on pulp flow

Large flotation machine has the advantages of low power consumption, small footprint, less automatic control instruments, etc., usually give priority to the use of. However, the number of flotation machines for each operation should be reasonably determined, usually not less than two troughs for selection, and not less than 4-6 troughs for coarse and sweeping. At the same time, the selection operation mainly lies in improving the grade of the concentrate, flotation froth layer should be thinner, to create favourable conditions for better separation of the vein, do not need a larger inflatable flotation machine, therefore, the selection operation of the flotation machine and coarse, sweeping operation flotation machine should be different.

3. The life span of the worn parts and the change of mixing capacity and filling volume after wear

Because the impeller and cover plate of the flotation machine will have a certain degree of wear and tear during the flotation process, which will affect the mixing capacity and the inflatable volume, so the rubber impeller and cover plate with strong abrasive rubber should be used.

4. Technical and economic comparison to determine the specifications and number of flotation machines

In the program comparison, generally should be in the selection index, operating costs, operation and management, maintenance and repair aspects of the comparison, but should be the selection index as the leading factor.

These are some of the issues that should be noted when choosing a flotation machine. When buying a flotation machine, you should not only consider the size of the equipment, the selection and other issues, but also compare them to find a flotation machine manufacturer that meets your actual situation.

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