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Copper Ore Processing Plant

Materials: Copper Ore Processing Methods: Flotation Separation Process
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Introduction of Copper Ore Processing Plant

Copper is one of the important non-ferrous metals and is mostly selected by flotation in the production process. At first, the copper ore is coarsely ground into small pieces, next ground to a certain particle size, and then add the beneficiation agent therein. In this way, the ore particles float up, and the final foam product is collected and further dehydrated to obtain copper concentrate.

ZDZG has different types of Flotation Machines available, such as SF Flotation Machine, XCF Flotation Machine, KYF Flotation Machine, BF Flotation Machine.

Flotation Separation Process

Crushing and Screening → Grinding and Classification → Priority Flotation of Copper Concentrate → Activation and Flotation of Other Concentrates → Concentration and Dewatering.

Related Equipment: Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Flotation Machine, Spiral Classifier, Mixer, Concentrator, etc.

Technological Advantages

Notes on Flotation of Copper Ore

1. Appropriate Sulphide Time

The more suitable sulphuration time for copper oxide ore is about 2 minutes, beyond 6 minutes, the recovery and concentrate grade may drop.

2. Flotation Reagent Addition Method and Ratio

Adding the right amount of lime (adjusting agent) can reduce the consumption of sodium sulphide (activator) and save costs. And the right ratio of sodium sulphide dosage to lime dosage will give a better separation effect.

3. Correctly Control the Pulp Concentration and Fitness

The finer the ore is ground, the greater the amount of particles produced and the greater the adsorption of chemicals. The increase in pulp concentration relatively increases the concentration of pharmaceutical ions in the pulp, which can reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals.

Cases of Copper Ore Processing Plant

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