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Gold Mining Equipment

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Introduction of Gold Mining Equipment

Gold mining equipment is mainly used for separating gold ore in ore dressing industry. The flotation separation process is one of the most important way to process gold ore.

Gold ore flotation separation line includes ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine, rotary dryer and other related equipment. The advantages of the production line are high efficiency, low consumption, large capacity and cost efficiency.

Gold Ore Flotation Separation Processing

Jaw Crusher-Ball Mill-Spiral Classifier-Flotation Machine-Rotary Dryer

Technical Requirements

Recommendations for the Use of Flotation Reagents

The selection of flotation reagents has an important influence on the entire gold mine beneficiation. In order to ensure the quality of beneficiation, relevant personnel are required to design and adjust the corresponding flotation agent in combination with beneficiation work.

1. Strengthen the analysis and selection of pharmaceuticals

2. Reasonably match the flotation reagent

3. Control agent concentration

Cases of Gold Ore Processing

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