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Iron Ore Processing Plant

Raw Material: Iron Ore   Processing Methods: Magnetic Separation Process
Related Equipment:

Processing Materials: Magnetite (Fe3O4), Hematite (Fe2O3) and Siderite (FeCO3), etc.

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Introduction of Iron Ore Processing Plant

Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises. Iron ore magnetic separation production line consists of Vibrating Feeder, Chute Feeder, Jaw Crusher, Vibrating Screen, Ball Mill, Classifier, Magnetic Separator, Concentrators, Dryer and other major equipment.

The ZDZG iron ore beneficiation equipment is technologically advanced and can achieve up to 90% utilization rate of magnetite ore.

Magnetic Separation Process

The magnetic separation process is the main method of iron ore beneficiation, iron ore is gradually selected for iron through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation and re-election processes.

Related Equipment: Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Spiral Classifier, Magnetic Separator, Spiral Chute, etc.

Performance Features

Factors Affecting Magnetic Separation Process

1. Magnetic Differences in Minerals

The magnetic differences in the minerals are the basis for the magnetic separation process.According to the magnetic differences, minerals can be divided into strongly magnetic minerals, weakly magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals.

2. Magnetic Separator Slurry Concentration Size

In general, the magnetic separator is fed into the slurry concentration of up to 35%, preferably controlled at around 30%. The pulp concentration adjustment needs to be determined according to the specific situation.

3. Magnetic Separator Feed Size

The size of the feed size of the magnetic separator is an important factor affecting the magnetic separation effect of the magnetic separator, when sorting, the feed material must fully achieve the monomer dissociation state.

Cases of Iron Ore Processing Plant

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