150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher
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150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher

At present, concrete is one of the main civil engineering materials. It can be mixed with sand, soil, water and other raw materials in proportion, and after solidification, it can be used widely as a kind of relatively high hardness of building materials.

Although concrete has a high application value, a lot of abandoned concrete has been thrown away and taken up many corners of Chinese cities because of the mass implementation of China's Infrastructure in recent years, which not only affects the beauty of the city, but also pollutes the environment. In this case, it becomes a very good investment project to be able to use concrete reasonably.

You only need to buy the crushing equipment because raw material is very easy to obtain, so the finished product is widely used and profitable. Because the abandoned concrete is distributed in every demolition site, most of the users will choose these crushing equipment with flexible movement and strong mobility--mobile crushing plant. Recently many customers have consulted that they want to buy a 150 t/h mobile concrete crusher and how much is it? Here we will give you a brief introduction about the 150 t/h mobile concrete crusher.

一. Collocation flexibility of 150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher

According to the way of moving, it can be divided into wheeled type and crawler type mobile crushing plant. Wheeled mobile crushing plant is pulled by the front-head of the machine and driven by the tires, while crawler type mobile crushing plant is hydraulically driven, its main collocation forms are available. Whether it is coarse, medium-size, or sand making, as long as you have a need, it can meet.

Wheeled Mobile Crushing Plant & Jaw Crusher

Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant

Generally speaking, the main equipment is wheeled type or crawler type mobile crushing plant. If the single machine can not meet the needs of the job, you can also collocate multiple machines to joint operate. For customers with lower production requirements, ZD can also provide a machine with the jaw crusher and the impact crusher and the screening machine, which is more convenient and cost-effective.

Generally we recommended HX938HD86 and HX1149HD98, which can meet the production of 150 tons per hour, but you choose a machine according to your actual needs. The following we give a brief introduction of specifications:

1. HX938HD86: Transport length 12600mm, Transport width 2600mm, Transport height 3870mm, Machine weight 39t, Match HD86 Jaw crusher, Processing capacity 85~275t/h, Feeder type ZSW380×95, Iron removal type RCYD(C)-8.

2. HX1149HD98: Transport length 13500mm, Transport width 2700mm, Transport height 4200mm, Machine weight 57t, Match HD98 Jaw crusher, Processing capacity 110~350t/h, Feeder type ZSW420×110, Iron removal type RCYD(C)-10.

二. Highlights of 150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher

The unique advantage of mobile concrete crusher is mobile operation. The integrated equipment design can reach the production site directly, which saves the transportation and investment cost, besides, it occupies a small area and can be put into production after simple installation, which saves the piling time and expense compared with the traditional fixed equipment. Of course, the machine has other advantages:

1. The equipment itself has passed the EIA, and it can easily build a green sand and stone factory, so it can make efficient operation;

2. It is low energy consumption, is extra equipped with diesel generator, and is used to deal with the situation of sudden power outages, to ensure the continuity of production;

3. It can be remotely controlled, in the workshop can control the operation of the equipment, There is almost no operator on site, which saves the manpower;

4. Small turning radius, faster rotation speed, no license. All kinds of road conditions can be adapted.

三. Price of 150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher

Many customers care about the price of 150 t/h mobile concrete crusher. As the advanced equipment, mobile concrete crusher in the industry can’t be very cheap, so users should avoid low price trap. For 15 t/h machine, there are many machines can meet this standard, so prices are not same, and the price is about at least hundreds of thousands.

In addition, there will be differences in the quality, workmanship, material selection, and sales patterns of different manufacturers, and the market price will also be different. The most important thing to buy equipment is to select reliable manufacturers. For example, the equipment of ZD machine is quite good. Prices are also more economical.

四. Cases of 150 t/h Mobile Concrete Crusher

60-90T/H Concrete Crushing Plant In Zambia

Mobile Crushing Plant For Building Wastes In Brunei

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