The Standard of Artificial Sand
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The Standard of Artificial Sand

一. The Introduction of Artificial Sand

With the shortage of natural sand resources, the serious erosion of soil and the strict mining restriction of government, artificial sand gradually replaces natural sand and occupies the whole sand market. Many investors analyze the optimistic market prospects of artificial sand, so they all want to join the industry. However, most investors are still in the observation stage and have not really invested in the stage of building a factory, because the specific standard of machine-made sand is not well understood, so it is impossible to ensure that high standard machine-made sand can be produced.

The main raw material of artificial sand is granite, limestone, basalt, sandstone, river pebble, quartzite, tailings, slag, construction waste and so on, besides, artificial sand is mainly used in the construction of road, house, water conservancy, power plant and so on. With the increasing of these projects, there is more demand for machined sand and higher quality requirement. What is the specific standard of machine-made sand? How can we produce high-standard mechanism sand? These are all the investors eager to know, and the following is the brief introduction of ZD artificial sand maker.

二. The Standard of Artificial Sand

Artificial sand is 4.75mm rock particles through crushing and sieving of the sand making equipment, which does not include soft rock and weathered rock particles. According to the national standard, the grade of artificial sand is generally divided into three layers, and the content of the stone powder of the artificial sand is within 3 percent; the content of the stone powder is less than 5 percent; the range is slightly wider, and it’s OK if the range of the content of the stone powder is controlled within 7 percent. However, at present, most of the machinery manufactured by the manufacturers can meet the standards of two and three levels, and the common characteristic of the sand is that the fineness modulus of the machine-made sand is kept between 2.6-3.6, the gradation of grain is relatively stable and reliable, and the shapes of sand and stone show triangle or rectangle, the surface is relatively rough and the angle is sharp. So how do we produce artificial sand that meets the first class standard? The following will be introduced to you.

三. How to Produce High-standard Artificial Sand

In order to produce high standard artificial sand, the most important two points are the selection of sand making equipment and the configuration of sand production line. The most effective method to achieve these two points is to select the high-efficiency sand making production line produced by zhongde. Let's look at the specific advantages of the production line:

1. The equipment configuration of the whole production line is very reasonable, and the reasonable compact layout of space crossing can effectively reduce the area occupied by the production line, simplify the sand making process, and save the capital construction cost.

2. The equipment used in the production line has achieved high quality and high efficiency, and the effect of each link is very good, which can completely achieve the high efficiency and high quality sand crushing process.

3. The grading of the production line is reasonable, the fineness modulus of sand can be adjusted by itself, and the whole production process is basically without noise and dust pollution, so it has a very good production environment;

4. The use of automatic remote operation control can reduce the number of field operators and the amount of labor, at the same time can automatically detect the fault point of the production line, improve the maintenance rate and reduce the maintenance time;

5. The quality of finished sand is strong, the grain is uniform, the shape of grain is beautiful, and the content of stone powder can be effectively controlled within 3%, which can reach the standard of machine-made sand completely;

6. The whole production line has low investment cost, long service lifespan, stable operation and very low failure rate;

7. The energy saving effect of the whole production line is very remarkable. On average, it can save more than 20,000 yuan of electricity every year;

8. The price of the production line is economy, the investment is small, the return is large, the cost can be recovered basically within 3 months, and the cost performance is very high.

In a word, if you choose the complete sand production line produced by Zhongde, you will be able to produce high standard, high quality, high market price of artificial sand, and it is well worth the money.

四. The Price of Artificial Sand

Many investors may be curious about the price of the well-quality sand, even they may think it is very expensive. By contrast, on the one hand, The high quality of the production line is due to the reasonable configuration and the relatively economical price of all the equipment; on the other hand, this production line is produced and sold by our company, so the market price is more economical. But the specific price of the production line also depends on the size and the output of the manufacturer, because the size of the factory is large, the production quantity of the sand is also increased, the arrangement of the equipment is different, and the price will also increase.

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