Scrap Glass Processing Equipment
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Scrap Glass Processing Equipment

Scrap glass is everywhere, whether urban demolition, hotel, or bar and so on. Therefore, raw materials are available, you can get a lot of income by  just investing a equipment to process it. 

So what kind of equipment is better to process the waste glass ? What's the price? Here we will give you a brief introduction.

Scrap Glass

一. Scrap Glass Processing Equipment

The equipment which can meet the requirement of glass waste processing is mainly divided into fixed type and mobile type. The following is a brief introduction.

1. The Fixed Type Equipment

most of the equipment can be used to process glass, because the glass is not hard enough.

a. The size specification of the waste glass is relatively large, then you can choose jaw crusher. Its’ product capacity is 1-1000 t/h, and feed opening is 10~350mm. Besides, the smaller the grain size, the lower the output, but it is more important to select it on demand.

      Jaw Crusher

b. We can choose impact crusher if the size specification of the waste glass is moderate. The product capacity is 1-1000 t/h, and feed opening is 10~350mm. More importantly, the equipment is cost-effective, which is the most popular medium crushing equipment for most users.

Impact Crusher

c. Hammer crusher is easy to operate, because it can be formed at one time and simplify the work flow. There are two kinds of hammer crusher--common hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher. The common hammer crusher is suitable for small production and the heavy hammer crusher is suitable for large production.

Hammer Crusher

In addition to the above equipment, there are roll crusher, cone crusher, high-efficiency fine crusher, etc., and you can consult the Zhongde customer service online.

2. The Mobile Type Equipment

The mobile type equipment is a totally new mining machinery equipment, which with an integrated fuselage design, set feed, crushing, sieving, transportation as one, front traction, flexible movement, convenient rotation, and no complex equipment installation, save time and effort. Besides, the main equipment can be collocated freely to achieve a variety of coarse, medium, fine finished product specifications,  and is easy to use.

Wheeled Mobile Crushing Plant

Crawler-type Mobile Crushing Plant

二. The Price of Scrap Glass Processing Equipment

Many customers are concerned about the performance firstly, apart from the price. There are different opinions about which one is more suitable for the processing of scrap glass, because different users have their own needs. When the users choose, it is essential to understand the basic functions and characteristics of various crushers, and then choose according to their actual needs. If you still don’t know which one to choose, you can consult Zhongde's customer service at any time, and we will arrange experienced sales manager to recommend a more suitable model for you.

If you want to learn more about Zhongde Heavy Industries and our products, please feel free to contact us online.

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