200 T/H Stone Crusher
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Recently, many customers make an inquiry for the 200 T/H Stone Crusher. However, there are various kinds of stone crusher can process 200 tons stone every hour. So the price is by no means particular to one machine.

The Main Classifications of 200 T/H Stone Crusher

According to the survey of market data, 200 T/H Stone Crusher are as follows:

PE-600×750 Jew Crusher, PF-1315 Impact Crusher, HXVSI-1140 Sand Maker, PCZ1410 Heavy Hammer Crusher, Mobile Crusher and so on. Besides, different machines have different sizes of shaped products and prices, so do different manufactures. In short, there are many factors that affect the price of equipment.

The Factors of Affecting the Price of 200 T/H Stone Crusher

1. Casting Technology.

The casting technology will affects the function and price of equipment. And different manufacturers have different technical skill levels, which means that the finished products with different techniques have various prices.

2. The Grade and Unit Price of Raw Materials.

The factory cost that is mainly decided by the grade and unit price of raw materials plays a key role in making the price. Whereas different factories cooperate with different sellers of raw materials, there are differences in the grade and unit price of raw materials.

3. Business Strategy.

Each manufacturer has its own rules for ex-factory prices, some seek substantial economic benefits will make higher price than the market price even though losing customers, but they will make large profit from sealed customers. Of cause, there are a small number of manufacturers seek to win-win with their customers, and they set a lower ex-factory price in order to attract more customers to buy.

200 T/H Stone Crusher of ZD -- Low Prices and High Discounts

Zhongde Heavy Industries boasts advanced manufacturing technology and standardized production workshop of 350000 square meters, its stone crushers are quality - guaranteed. What's more, ZD has a long - term cooperation with its raw materials sellers and buy large quantities raw materials one time, so the unit price of raw materials of the same grade lower than that of other manufacturers, which reduces the cost of each equipment and lays a foundation for a lower ex-factory price later. Last but not least, ZD takes customer's profits as its prime concern.

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