50-100 T/H Cobblestone Mobile Crushing Plant
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As a kind of natural stone, cobblestone is very rich in China. Cobblestone is an ideal green material for building because its hard-quality, bright color and strong pressure and corrosion resistance.

The Mohlich hardness of the cobblestone is about 7. After processing, it has been widely used in many industries, such as public buildings, villas, paved roads, chemicals, paper making and so on. In addition, the cobblestone has also provided high quality materials for water purification and sewage treatment. All in all, it's worth investing in.

Equipment of 50-100 T/H Cobblestone Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing station is a gravel production line rising in recent years. It is an ideal choice for crushing cobblestone because it is composed of equipment and has powerful function as well as it can be moved at any time compared with the traditional fixed production line. The jaw crusher of HD series can be selected as the main equipment of the moving and breaking equipment of the main equipment because its feed granularity and crushing ratio are very large. In addition, other equipment are vibrating screen, feeder, conveyor and so on.

Advantages of 50-100 T/H Cobblestone Mobile Crushing Plant

1. Low Cost & High Value

The equipment has a strong mobility, and it can be moved directly into the production site, easily and fast completing the slope operation on the spot, which saves transportation costs for the user, Besides, The finished product grain size is uniform and more valuable.

2. Environmental Protection, High Efficiency & Energy Saving

The equipment is equipped with professional dust removal, noise reduction, spray device, which prevents the dust flying on the operation site. What's more, the whole machine is energy-saving, using of energy-saving motor, and avoiding waste.

3. High Automation & Easy Operation

By using computer control to realize start-up, process adjustment, misoperation prompt, electric control operation and other remote operation of hydraulic lift system, automatic feeding system, which can control the feeding time and feed quantity, and realize fine feed.

Customer Feedback

50-100 T/H Cobblestone Mobile Crushing Plant from Zhongde fully meets our needs, even beyond expectations, the operation has been very stable,

product granularity is good, the most important thing is that Zhongde takes effective measures to protect environmental. We hope to cooperate with Zhongde again.

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