Analysis on Industrial Magnetic Separator
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Industrial magnetic separator is widely used in the separation between metal and non-metallic minerals like Hematite, Manganese siderite, ilmenite, wolframite ore, manganese ore, etc. Magnetic separator is very popular among users because of its high and adjustable magnetic strength, large handling capacity and its high quality. The performance of industrial magnetic separator has a direct impact on user's economic benefits. In order to help customers learn industrial magnetic separator more, we will make an analysis on the equipment from its classification, scope of application, performance.

The classification of industrial magnetic separator

According to different processing modes, industrial magnetic separator is divided into two types---dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator. Both can separate magnetic material from mixture by magnetic force and mechanical force in magnetic field, due to different mineral magnetic coefficients.

The scope of application of industrial magnetic separator

Industrial magnetic separator is applied to the broad scope of materials including metal and non-metallic minerals and iron-bearing materials like magnetite, ilmenite, pyrite.These days, industrial magnetic separator becomes more and more popular with increasing demand for magnetic separators in magnetic separation industry. Now, the machine is almost suitable for the separation of all kinds of metal and non-metallic minerals.

The Performance of industrial magnetic separator

1.High magnetic strength and large handling capacity

The magnetic system of magnetic separator is composed of high quality ferrites and rare earth magnets. Drum surface’s average magnetic induction intensity can be 100-600mt. So the magnetic body can be used for a long time, and production capacity per hour is high.

2.Stable performance and easy to operate

Zhongde Heavy Industries' magnetic separator removes the effect of primary and secondary slime on anion, which can operate smoothly. In addition, the equipment has reasonable structure and advanced design and therefore is easy to operate.

3.Durable in use

High quality wearing parts reduce wear in the process of production, and thereby can extend greatly the life of the machine.

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