The Quotation of Complete Stone Crushing Equipment
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The increasing expansion of city construction leads to rapid development of sand and stone industry. More and more customers want to make an investment in the industry. Then, how much money do you need to invest in a stone production line? What is the quotation of a set of stone crushing equipment? Next, we will talk about it in detail.

Investment analysis of the stone production line

A series of stone processing equipment is used in a stone production line. Investors usually focus on equipment configuration, capacity, space requirements, etc. Indeed, according users’ actual demands, reasonable machine mix can not only reduce production cost but also decrease additional expenditure.

Complete stone crushing equipment

Complete stone crushing equipment in a stone production line includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, conveyor, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen.

1.Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher as a stone coarse crushing machine plays an important role in the stone production line. It is the key to choose suitable model of jaw crusher, because the capacity of different models is not same. So in the stone crushing machine match, users need to consider if the type of jaw crusher can meet the output they need within their budget.

2.Impact crusher

Impact crusher is a secondary stone fine crushing machine whose model is affected by the type of jaw crusher. Generally speaking, there are two or more impact crushers used at the same time in a stone production line.

3.Cone crusher

The function of cone crusher is similar to impact crusher’s. The outstanding advantages of cone crusher are high production efficiency, large capacity, equal product granularity. Compared with impact crusher, cone crusher has higher performance. Therefore, users can choose one out of impact crusher and cone crusher.


Conveyor is an essential equipment in a stone production line. Conveyor is used to convey processed stone material to next production link. Conveyor requires high quality since there always is the friction in the processing of conveying materials. As a result, Zhongde Heavy Industries advices users to buy high quality conveyor.

5.Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder also is main equipment of stone production line. Choosing small or large vibrating feeder depends on users’ production scale. Zhongde Heavy Industries recommends that suitable vibrating feeder gives the benefit of smooth stone production.

6.Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is a screening machine which selects qualified stone material to enter next processing step and makes unqualified material go back for processing again.

The quotation of complete stone crushing equipment

The price of complete stone crushing equipment is affected by many factors. For different stone crushing equipment manufacturers, the quotation is different. Its price from some suppliers is high while from others is low. Don’t worry. Zhongde Heavy Industries is a heavy machine manufacturer which is specialized in stone crushing equipment. We provide stone crushing equipment at a large discount for customers. You can contact us online to get latest quotation.

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