Powerful Mobile Sand Maker Machine
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Sand aggregate plays an important role in every aspect of our life. Building a university or a hospital needs 15 thousand tons of sand aggregate and a tens of miles’ highway consumes 38 thousand tons of aggregate. Small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker is the main equipment of making sand aggregate. This is a powerful mobile sand making machine which can create higher returns for you.

High efficient small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker

1.Move freely, stop as it goes

With vehicle-mounted device and tyre or crawler driving device, small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker drives freely to operate on site. The mobile sand maker is applied more and more widely with users’ increasing demand of sand making efficiency.

2.Fold and stretch freely

Small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker can realize freely the operation of folding, rolling and stretching. The machine’s automated feeding is able to presort materials and control automatically feeding direction and frequency. The whole equipment with hydraulic lift mode is flexible and convenient.

3.Process freely

Small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker processes various stones, slag, construction waste and barren rock easily, so the processing can reach high standards. According to customers’ demands, Zhongde Heavy Industries can costomize many kinds of crushing machine combination and non-standard crushing plant, thereby producing multi-stage crushing.

Adaptable small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker

1.Strong adaptation to roads

Small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker can be driven in different roads in which it can turn with small turning radius in place and it is convenient to go in and out of sites. Therefore, the mobile sand maker can enter directly raw materials sites. This way, there is no transportation link of materials, so it can save your transportation cost.

2.Strong adaptation to operating environment

The sand making machine can operate in complex sites. Small crawler-type mobile sand maker is good at climbing operating and it has the ability to adapt different terrain types. Therefore, small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker is an ideal choice especially for the situation in which it is not available for fixed sand production line.

3.Strong adaptation to complicated situations

Small mobile sand maker from Zhongde Heavy Industries is equipped with integrative generator set with extensive functions. So, power shortage and even outage will not affect the machine’s normal work, which avoids the loss.

Besides, small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker has three key technologies---vibration and noise reduction technology, automated processing technology and module division technology---to ensure that the equipment is durable and works in low noise and high efficiency. If you want to know more details of small vehicle-carrying mobile sand maker, welcome to contact us. We offer 24/7 online service to you.

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