How to Maintain A Cone Crusher---Five Tips for You
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Compared with traditional stone crushers, Cone crusher is a more advanced and very popular equipment now. Cone crusher has the ability to crusher various materials and its processing efficiency is higher. Therefor, users are very satisfied with the machine. This is why cone crusher is today’s mainstream equipment of stone crushers.

We must take note of maintenance work of cone crusher for longer service life. So how to maintain a cone crusher? Zhongde Heavy Industries provides five tips for you.

Tip1: Check fixing bolt of dust sealing slip ring when wet or high- water-content materials are crushed in cone crusher.

Tip 2: Full production. If not, product granularity is too coarse.

Tip 3: Change regularly lubricating oil. When oil gets dirty, the bad lubrication will lead to accelerated wear of gears, bowl shaped tiles and shaft sleeve, even the damage of shaft sleeve, so the replacement of oil is a must.

Tip 4: Check regularly slip ring’s fixing. If dust sealing slip ring becomes loose or falls off in the processing of crushing, a great amount of dust and mineral sand will enter the cone crusher’s body, thereby preventing the equipment from normal processing, even badly damaging the machine.

Tip 5: When water in oil forces oil level up, adjust water pressure to make it is slightly lower than oil pressure; check and repair the part of leaking; adjust water supply; clean up water pipes and tank and change new oil. Water in oil is caused by water pressure in cooler higher than oil pressure, leaking of cooler, over water supply and clogged pipes. So we can use the ways above to solve the problem.

In fact, maintenance is a trivial job. It’s ordinary maintenance work that influences the operating of equipment and its service life. Zhongde Heavy Industries is a leading brand of cone crusher. In our company, product quality is assured and after-sale service is good. Welcome to contact us online and tell us your needs.

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