Quarries’Favorite Son---PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher
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There’s a great demand for high quality stone with increasing infrastructure building in most countries, so many potential investors focus their attention on quarries. Recently, a type of stone crusher---PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher--- is very popular among users. The machine becomes many customers’ favorite.

The introduction of PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher

PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher is a middlle-type machine in the series of jaw crushers. The equipment is applied to large- and middle-size stone production line among which processing materials are very rich such as limestone, quartz, pebbles, rocks and other hard stones. Zhongde Heavy Industries offers perfect service that is oriented to the jaw crusher and help user get higher returns.

Technical Parameter of PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher

PE900x1200 Jaw Crusher belongs to PE series of jaw crusher. PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher is named after 900×1200mm---the model’s feeding size. The jaw crusher’s feeding opening is not larger than 750mm, output size can be adjusted freely from 95mm to 165mm and its processing capacity is 220-450t/h (tons per hour). The external size of the machine is 3380×2870×3330mm, the total weight is 52 tons and the motor power is 8P 110kw. The popularity of the jaw crusher model among customers is due to good match of the machine’s parts including perfect design of feeding size and output size and the equipped motor.

Zhongde Heavy Industries adopts advanced crushing technology and high quality materials to make PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher by reasonable processing, which forms the machine’s own high performance and earns the trust from customers.

Structure Design and Advantages of PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher

1. Frame’s design and advantages

PE900×1200 Jaw Crusher adopts welded frame structure and high quality steel plates which makes up casting defect. Thererfore, the equipment has a firm and reliable structure.

2. Flywheel’s design and advantages

Instead of traditional design pattern, Zhongde Heavy Industries design appropriately the flywheel to fill in previous poor performance and thus the machine can reduce vibration and increase its stability and security.

3. Discharge opening’s design and advantages

The outstanding advantage of discharge opening design is that it uses shim adjustment and this way, the operation becomes simple and reliable and maintenance work is easy.

4. Crushing cavity’s design and advantages

Compared with traditional jaw crusher, the crushing cavity design of the type can achieve greater feeding and higher output. Therefor, the obvious advantages of the crushing cavity: big crushing ratio, equal product granularity, good end product quality.

If you want to learn more information on jaw crushers, contact us online.

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