Ball Mill
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Ball Mill

In the crushing and milling industry, powdered or muddy materials are generally ground, impacted, crushed machines, such as ball mills. Ball mill is a key machine to repulverize materials after these materials primary breaking. Besides, ball mill is widely used in cement, silicon products, new style of building materials, refractories, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing and other production industries, and various ores and other grindable materials are ground dry or wet. Now, the ball mill of Zhongde has quietly opened the domestic and foreign markets with receiving a lot of praise.


Intelligent Operation, Cost Reduction

Zhongde Heavy Industry adopt the automatic intelligent control system, which can reduce labor costs with nearly unmanned operation. What’s more, ball mill of Zhongde boasts advanced intelligent and automated operations, so there is no need to waste a lot of manpower and material resources.   


Environmental Protection, Waste of Resources Reduction

With the rapid development of urbanization and the rise of the construction industry, The construction waste is increasing, the mine resources are decreasing, and the resources are being wasted. Ball mill of Zhongde can turn building wastes into treasures. The waste brick in the construction waste is ground with a ball mill after being broken, and the concrete in the construction waste can be made into cement through the secondary processing of the ball mill, which can be used in the building or highway, and the concrete in the construction waste can be made into cement through the secondary processing of the ball mill. Glass in construction waste can also be processed by a ball mill and re-manufactured into finished products for use in the construction industry. Ball mill can waste construction waste into treasure, reduce waste of resources, but also protect the environment.


Uniform Output , High Output

Ball mill of Zhongde adopt advanced controlled in and out grinding technology, Combining the grinding materials of actual users with suitable grinding rods and changing the surface contact of the traditional ball mill into line contact, so the grain size of the material was more uniform, and the output was increased by nearly 50%.


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