The Model, Performance and Price of 100 T/H Sand Washer
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The sand can be divided into two types--natural sand and artificial sand.  Natural sand is formed by excavation or blasting loosening of weathered rocks of the natural sand system, while the artificial sand is made from mechanical crushing, screening and cleaning of rock. As the key equipment of sand washing, the sand washing machine has become popular among its users because of its low sand loss rate and high cleanliness.


    Recently, many customers ask online about the model, performance and price of 100 t/h sand washing machine. Here are the answers.

一、The Models of 100 t/h Sand Washer

We have various types of sand washing machine with complete models and reliable quality. According to the type of wheel bucket, the wheel bucket sand washing machine can be divided into single wheel bucket sand washing machine, double wheel bucket sand washing machine, three wheel bucket sand washing machine. Different wheel hoppers have different production capacities, and the production capacity of three-wheel bucket is the largest one. According to your actual work needs, we can equip you with sand washing machine which is suitable for you. Welcome you to come to our factory, and we sincerely provide complete serve for you!

The following shows you the technical parameters of the sand washer.


Capacity (t/h)

Motor Power(kw)



8p 4kw



8p 5.5kw



8p 7.5kw



8p 11kw

二、The Performance of 100 t/h Sand Washer

(1) the structure design is compact and reasonable, the size is small, and the area is small;

(2)  the failure rate is low and the efficiency is high: the transmission part is separated from water and sand to prevent the core parts from rusting, and the failure rate is low and the production efficiency is improved effectively at the same time;

(3) The finished product is good: the cleaning effect to the mountain sand is good, can remove the dust, the soil and so on impurity effectively, the cleanliness is high;

(4) the wearing parts are durable: the core part adopts special materials, is stable and durable, and the service life of the machine is more than 2 times of the common sand washing machine;

(5) Sand washing water can be recycled after clear, saving water.


三、The Price of 100 t/h Sand Washer

The price of the 100T/H sand washing machine is a particular customer concern, but the price is affected by a number of factors to determine an accurate value. The price of the general 100T/H sand washing machine is determined by the following factors:

1. Model

Different models of sand washing machine, there are differences in size, the number of raw materials used is different, the price difference is normal. Different models have different processing capabilities, different installed motors, and different prices.


2. Factory

Different manufacturers, different raw materials, different production techniques and different sales modes will lead to different prices of sand washing machines. Large-scale brand manufacturers have strong strength, not only to ensure the quality of equipment, but also the ability to implement a thin profit multi-marketing business model, the price of sand washing machine sales are naturally more favorable than small manufacturers.


3. Market Quotation

There will also be price deviation in choosing to purchase sand washing machines in different periods. The raw materials of sand washing machines are mainly made of large quantities of steel, and the prices of steel in different periods will exist, which will change the investment funds of sand washers. Thus affect its out-of-plant price. In addition, in different periods, the quantity of sand washing machine circulating on the market is different from the quantity required by customers, which leads to different supply and demand relations, and also affects the price of sand washing machine; When the supply exceeds demand, the price will drop a little, and the price of the sand washing machine will be a little higher.


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