Common Rotary Dryers Faults and Solutions
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The rotary dryer is in a stage of rapid development and occupies a large proportion in the machinery industry. If a failure occurs, it will not only affect work efficiency, but also high maintenance costs. The technicians analyzed the common faults and solutions of industrial dryers by summing up their own experience, and we will introduce them in detail below.

There are roughly four common problems in the use of rotary dryer :

1.The repeated force of the two retaining wheels is large

Reason: There is a problem with the contact between the Support roller and support belt.

Solution: We need to confirm the contact range between the support roller of the dryer and support belt, and determine how to adjust it through the inspection results.

2.The supporting roller of the dryer is abnormally worn.


  • The same set of supporting wheels is not parallel or the line of two supporting wheels is not perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder

  • The installation accuracy of the dryer supporting roller is low or the bolts are loose.

Solution: The supporting roller deviates from the correct position during work. As long as the supporting roller is restored to the correct position, this problem can be solved.

3.During the operation of the dryer, the gears make noise from time to time.

Reason: The gears are not lubricated for a long time, which makes it difficult to run, and the friction increases. Perhaps the gap between the large and small gears is unsuitable. These may cause noise.

Solution: If the gear is damaged, replace the gear. If it needs lubrication, add lubricant in time. If there is a gap between the large and small gears, adjust it slightly to keep the distance between the gears moderate.

4.The moisture content of the material dried by the dryer is abnormal.

Reason: The moisture content of the material dryer is too high after drying

Solution: Increase fuel, increase drying temperature, and reduce material supply.

Reason:The moisture content of the material after the dryer is too low

Solution: reduce fuel supply and increase material entry.

We need to adjust this work step by step to make it reach a suitable state. If a large adjustment is made, the moisture content of the material after the dryer will rise and fall, which will not meet the product quality requirements.

The rotary dryer has a wide range of uses, with the most applications in industrial production, agriculture, food and other industries. Since the investment in dryer equipment is a large sum, and the quality of the equipment will affect future production, when buying a dryer, you should have a preliminary understanding of the dryer manufacturer, such as the company's reputation, company size and so on.

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