How to Clear The Cement Kiln?
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1. Introduction of Cement Kiln

Cement kiln is a Thermal Equipment which is used for heating materials, like cement, copper metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory material, chemical materials, paper making, which can often be seen in variety of industries, like steel annealing and nonferrous smelting industries, metallurgy, chemistry fields, building industries, etc.

2. Why Clear the Cement Kiln?

Cement kiln is mainly used for calcining cement clinker. In the calcining process, due to the high ratio of fuel or too much impurity in the fuel, fusible material is easy to stick to the kiln wall. Sometimes there is a power failure or machines cannot produce normally for a long time so that impurities are easy to form a lump due to high temperature belt in the kiln for a long time, which can lead to blocking. Therefore, It is very important for the normal production of cement kiln to deal with the work of clear kiln after the use of cement kiln.

3. How to Clear Cement Kiln?

3.1 Burn Empty Cement Kiln

If you need to turn off the fire, you need to stop sending coal into the bunker 4 to 8 hours in advance in order to burn out the empty bunker. And maintenance or inspection of pulverized coal machinery to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal in the bunker during maintenance.

3.2 Feedstock Should Be from More to Less

In the process of clear cement kiln, the feedstock should be from more to less, from thick to thin, and the temperature is also from high to low. We should cut off the power to collect dust 1 ~ 2 hours in advance, and then reduce the material by 1/3. We should make sure that the material layer after stopping the material is not thick after stopping to feed the material, and it is enough to lower the temperature and tail temperature, so as not to cause excessive heating of the unloaded chain, or destroy the cyclone tube of the cyclone preheater.

3.3 Lower Cement Kiln’s Temperature

Reduce feeding for 1-2 hours and then stop feeding. After stopping, the temperature must be well controlled and the tail temperature must be kept 20-30℃ lower than the normal temperature. There are usually the following ways to cool down:

--On the basis of no waste, reduce the amount of coal used, and reduce exhaust;

--If the tail temperature is still not down, appropriate water can be added to the kiln for the wet kiln or open the cold wind door for the dry kiln with preheater;

--For cement Kiln type of vertical tube preheating, you can open the smoke cap to prevent the destruction of the kiln tail equipment.

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