High-efficiency Sand Washer--Easy to Meet Capacity Standard
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With the rapid development of sandstone industry, many customers have higher demand for Hi-quality sandstone products. Therefore, many sandstone factories are eager to improve the purity of finished sandstone by using the sand washing equipment in the sandstone production line. But some sand washers in the market have a lot of problems, such as sand loss, unqualified output value, easily worn out, environmental pollution and so on, which have bewildered the users for a long time. Today we recommend a high efficiency and energy-saving sand washing machine for you.

At present, this sand washing machine has been on the market for some time. When we take after-sale investigation, those users all said: We achieve the capacity of business easily with this machine! So let's see the outstanding advantages of this high efficiency and energy-saving machine.

Six Advantages of the Sand Washer

1. Water-saving.

Mr. Wang of the sandstone production line said: This machine is the most water-saving machine in our equipment. The water, which has been used once, can be used again for a while in the pool.

2. Big Sand Washing Capacity.

This machine has high sand washing capacity and low degree of sand loss. It can produce more than 3000 tons of sand everyday, which greatly accelerates the speed of sand washing.

3. Manpower-saving.

This equipment has the ability to balance the speed of sand washing, without taking people's attention to its operation, which saves the labor costs.

4. Durable.

The structure of this machine is different from our previous machine. It divides the gear, motor and wheel bucket into three parts, which prevents water from corroding them. Besides, the material is wear-resistant steel, which is more durable than the traditional sand washing machine.

5. Cheaper.

We have considered other machines on the market before we purchased the equipment. Finally, we chose Zhongde Heavy Industries because the machine is hi-quality and cheaper.

6. Satisfying.

We were afraid that we could not buy good quality equipment because we had a tight budget. But at that time this factory was doing its activities, and we enjoyed a discount of 8.8%. And Zhongde Heavy Industries also sent us a lot of accessories. What’s more, their technical experts personally went to our production line for technical installation guidance and after-sale service. In a word, the cooperation with Zhongde is really satisfying.

The Capacity of the Sand Washer

This sand washer has different capacities, just as different factories have different technologies to produce their machines. Zhongde Heavy Industries has many kinds of sand washing machines, and the capacity of a single equipment ranges from 1t/h to 240t/h. Besides, our sand washers can be made meeting to customer's higher


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