New Jaw Crusher--Easier to Break Silica
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Silica, a general name for quartz sand, quartzite and vein quartz, shows mainly white, yellowish gray, black or red, and it can be applied in a wide range of areas after being processed reasonably. Therefore, we should choose a machine with better wear resistance because silica features high hardness and wear intensity. Here we recommend that the new jew crusher is your better choice to process silica.

Three Advantages of The New Jaw Crusher:

1.Strong Crushing Force. It's difficult for customers to crush silica. As we all know, silica is so hard that it is inefficient and harmful to use hammer crusher and impact crusher. Therefore, it's your best choice to use our New Jaw Crusher because of its strong crushing force.

2.Ingenious Crushing Principle. The New Jaw Crusher adopts the principle of v type deep cavity extrusion and crushing, which enlarges the bearing specification, realizing a more smooth operation of the whole equipment.

3.Strong Stroke and Big Crushing Ratio. The technical parameter of New Jaw Crusher is upgraded again by experts, so silica is crushed at the top of the crushing chamber, which increases the stone crushing stroke and crushing ratio.

The New Jaw Crusher Is Cheaper and Favored By Various Customers.

In order to speed up the pace to the market and have more deal, Zhongde Heavy Industries takes more time to consider whether the price is acceptable as well as the market conditions when making the price of the equipment, so the price of the new jaw crusher is very favorable. Since the crusher went on the market, it has won the favor of many users by its stable output ability and favorable price. We are unable to make a detailed quotation for you here because the new jaw crusher has more models and different types of equipment have different material costs. Do you also want to buy such a reliable, stable jaw crusher?

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