The Belt and Road: A New Chance for Zhongde
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This is the fifth year of the start-up of the Belt and Road's initiative. In the past five years, many inland provinces in China had interconnected infrastructure and accelerated economic cooperation with other countries in the world.

As the experimental field of China's Reform and Opening Up, Henan province has developed a new situation of opening channel of four-way simultaneous development by taking the Air, Land, Online and Maritime Silk Road as the key point of The Belt and Road .

The figures marked in the first seven months of this year CHINA RAILWAY Express(CR Express) has 352 runs of trains with total weight of 170,000 tons and total value of 16.625 billion yuan, which individually increase by 70.9 percent, 58.4 percent and 51.1 percent year on year. At present, CR Express has realized balanced operation every week with more than 1,400 trains in five years. The domestic collecting and distributing network covers more than 20 provinces(cities, districts), and overseas network is spread throughout Europe, Japan and South Korea, and 126 cities in 24 countries in Central Asia. And now CR Express has formed the pattern of both domestic and overseas transportation are the hubs, and there are many centers along the traffic way.

Henan Zhongde Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Luoxin Avenue, Xin'an, Luoyang, Henan, China. As an old brand for more than 40 years and a traditional heavy industry, Zhongde adopt positive innovation and change ways in the wave of the Internet plus. Besides, Zhongde establishes the Ministry of Electronic Commerce and develops along the road of Internet + industry . It also sets up the connection with customers through the network, and sells the products to more than 160 countries abroad, so its export volume is gradually increasing, even exceeding the domestic share.

With the proposal of the Belt and Road , Zhongde Heavy Industries also took advantage of the opportunity to establish close and friendly connection with many countries, and the products sold have always been praised by foreign customers.

Zhongde Heavy Industries will continue to improve its overseas strategy and expanding its export share by exporting more high quality products, optimizing its product structure and deepening its internal management.

If you want to learn more about Zhongde Heavy Industries and our products, please feel free to contact us online.

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