The 4 Roles of Zhongde Mobile Crushing Plant
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Mobile crushing plant plays a key role in Zhongde Heavy Industries. It is also called SafeClean Utilities, Being-Rich Sword, Energy-saving Expert, Mobile Elf, Intelligent Messenger and so on.

It's a SafeClean Utilities.

Our mobile crushing plant can turn construction waste into renewable resources used in roads paving, construction engineering and public working by automated sorting, crushing, screening, etc. It can not only solve the mess of the urban garbage, but also can defuse resource shortage.

It's a Energy-saving Expert.

Our mobile crushing plant can enter directly into the working site, which reduces the cost of conveying raw material.

It's a Mobile Elf.

Our mobile crushing plant has a compact structure with reasonable design, short turning radius, flexible mechanism, and low requirement for the transportation condition.

It's an Intelligent messenger.

Our mobile crushing plant can be equipped with advanced touch control screen and PLC control system. Therefore, we can realize some functions, such as start-up, process adjustment, wrong operation alarm and protection, electrical control operation, fault and safety prompts and so on.

Only when we become stronger, can we have the power to face various challenges. In the same way, mobile crushing plant from Zhongde is powerful and it can run well in a poor working sites.

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