Zhongde Heavy Industries' mobile crusher is favored by mining enterprises
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The main driving force that Zhongde Heavy Industries is devoted to develop mobile crusher is to create value for users, thus realizing the double-win situation between suppliers and customers. A relevant responsible person of Zhongde Heavy Industries said, we will seriously analyse the customer demand in mining machinery industry before we research and develop a product.

The new law of environmental protection stipulates that there is no top limit to punish those enterprises and institutions that discharge pollutants illegally. This provision increases extremely the illegal cost of enterprises. Therefore, it becomes normal for mining enterprises to pay more attention to energy conservation and environment protection as well as the related market.

In order to meet customers' demand, Zhongde Heavy Industries stands by the idea of saving energy and reducing consumption, thereby changing its tradition equipment and producing mobile crusher that can dispose construction waste.

Five advantages:

The chassis adopts steel ship structure with high strength and it is highly adaptable to different working sites.

The high-power walking motor is powerful, safe and reliable.

The well-known brand motor achieves the good performance of power system, with features of low noise and energy saving, ect.

According to different requirements of customers, we can provide the different crushing and screening equipment with combined type optimum design, and we fully guarantee the quality.

The mobile crusher can be equipped with generator set, in order to work normally under the situation of no power or sudden power off, ensuring continuous operation and reducing unnecessary loss.

A company disposes construction waste, claims in users report that Zhongde Heavy Industries' mobile crusher reduces our production cost, and improve our work efficiency, at the same time, it is environmental friendly during the past three years of using the machine.

The innovation and success of Zhongde Heavy Industries proves that difficulty is a challenge and opportunity for a company! Zhongde Heavy Industries has produced many energy-saving and emission-reduction products and will move forward forever.

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