How to Select Magnetic Separator
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When selecting the magnetic separator, the user should consider the actual working conditions and equipment factors. The experts from Zhongde Heavy Industry will introduce you to several misunderstandings when selecting the magnetic separator, which can help users to avoid some mistakes:

First, select high magnetic field magnetic separator. Some users believe that the higher the magnetic field, the higher the magnetic separation efficiency and the work output. Users should decide which magnetic separation device to use based on the magnetic properties of the magnetic separation material.

Second, use a single device for magnetic separation of a variety of materials. In general, a magnetic separator is set to magnetically select a part of materials, but it is difficult to separate other magnetic materials.

Third, blind investment. Users pursue high-configuration magnetic separator equipment, resulting in too much disparity in investment and output, and failing to achieve the expected economic effects.

Fourth, magnetic separator and iron removal equipment are equipped in a certain link. To deal with the magnetic pollution problem of a system, the magnetic separation installation must be in accordance with the regulations.

Zhongde CTB series magnetic separator that is made of high-quality ferrite materials or rare earth magnets is a kind of equipment used for removing and reusing iron powder in powdered granules. It is widely used for resource recovery. , wood industry, mining, kiln, chemical, food, and other workshops. It is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials with a particle size of 3mm or less. It is also used for iron removal of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials, and other materials. It is one of the widely used and highly versatile models in the industry.

The average magnetic induction intensity of the Zhongde CTB series magnetic separator barrel is 100-600mT. According to the user's demand, it can provide magnetic separation of different surface strengths such as downstream, semi-backflow and counterflow. There are some advantages in production.

1. Energy conservation. It only consumes a small amount of electrical energy during the operation of the equipment.

2. The processing capacity is high. The magnetic system adopts the open magnetic system design, the mineral processing ability is high, and the material is not blocked.

3. The magnet is protected and durable. The magnetic system is protected by the drum and does not directly contact with the material, and the operating cost of the device is low.

4. Strong magnetic minerals and weak magnetic minerals (continuous organisms) can be extracted completely, and the purification effect is good. After the magnetic separation, the mineral content is high and the tailings remain less.

5. Convenient material looseness, separation, dynamic magnetic system. Magnetic minerals produce sliding displacement and tumbling on the surface of the drum, which has a cleaning effect on the drum, and the drum is not sticky and is beneficial to the magnetic separation of materials and the improvement of concentrate grade.

6. High grade, low load. Rough selection of lean iron ore after coarse or medium crushing excludes waste rock such as surrounding rock, improves the grade, and reduces the load of the next process.

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