Rotary Dryer Types
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Hot Air Rotary Dryer

The hot air rotary dryer is one of the indirect heat transfer dryers and one of the commonly used dryers. The equipment is a double-shaft stirring and spiral propelling high-wet viscous material quick-drying machine, which is suitable for drying high-viscosity and high-humidity materials. The hot air rotary dryer can dry the high-humidity material with less than 65% of initial water content to the final water content of 5-12% or less, and the drying time is short, generally 2-20 minutes.

Due to the high-speed stirring blades of the hot air rotary dryer, the wet materials are stirred vigorously, and the wet materials can be in good contact with the hot air.

The moisture evaporates quickly in the first half of the hot air rotary dryer, and the hot air temperature in the hot air rotary dryer drops sharply. Therefore, even if the hot air rotary dryer uses high temperature hot air, the temperature rise of the material is not high.

Hot air rotary dryer can dry sludge, gypsum, slime, bentonite, peat, and other high-humidity materials. After drying by hot air rotary dryer, the particle size of the material is 2-5mm, and the temperature of the material is not high during the drying process, which is suitable for heat sensitive materials.

Steam Rotary Dryer

High energy saving and low consumption: The power consumption is 1/4~1/3 of the vertical type, and the gas consumption is 1/2~2/3 of the vertical type. The solar efficiency is 10%~15% of current horizontal type, and the length is 20%~30% of horizontal type, saving a lot of lubricating oil and maintenance costs in one year.

The softening effect is very good: the horizontal drum structure is adopted, the energy consumption is low, the power is small, the material machine is turned evenly, the dead angle is overcome, and the softening effect is good.

Convenient process adjustment: The dryer can be adjusted effectively and conveniently according to different materials entering the machine and different process parameters.

The transmission mode is unique: the power transmission adopts a unique soft transmission or gear transmission, and the equipment wears little and the noise is low.

Condensate water removal safety: The unique condensate removal setting enables the condensate to be effectively removed during use, greatly improving the heating effect of the steam.

Airflow Rotary Dryer

Airflow rotary dryers have the following advantages over other dryers:

The air dryer has a large drying strength: the airflow rotary dryer has a high airflow speed, and the material is well dispersed in the gas phase, and the entire surface of the material can be used as a dry effective area. Therefore, the limited area of drying is greatly increased. At the same time, the gasification surface is continuously renewed due to the dispersion and agitation during drying, and therefore, the drying heat transfer process is strong.

Short drying time: The contact time between material and air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally 0.5~5 seconds. It will not cause overheating or decomposition of heat sensitive or low melting materials and affect its quality.

High thermal efficiency: airflow drying uses materials and gas to co-current operation. The material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state from the beginning to the end, and the drying time is short, so a higher drying temperature can be used.

Wide application range, high output, large drying range; simple structure, small station area, low investment and maintenance costs.

Hot air source: oil burner, gas furnace, coal-fired hot blast stove, steam heat exchanger.

Hot air rotary dryer, steam rotary dryer, and airflow rotary dryer can handle different materials in different industries. They are the main industrial dryer machines of Zhongde.

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