New Type Raymond Mill
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The current status of Raymond mill production

Nowadays, powder grinding equipment is more and more focused on the research and development of environmental performance. Under the environment of green production, environmentally friendly grinding equipment is obviously more popular than traditional models. With the support of environmental performance, it can help users to pass an environmental assessment and smoothly continue to grind production.

Raymond mill is more 'green'

After realizing the importance of environmental performance, Zhongde successfully launched a series of environmentally-friendly Raymond mills. The new models have the following working advantages:

1. grinding efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption is reduced

2. dust pollution is small, and noise decibel is reduced

3. particle size is uniform, and the screening rate is up to 99%

4. the whole machine is easy to operate, and fineness adjustment is convenient

5. the wear parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, and the failure rate of the whole machine is low

How to achieve green powder production

During the use of Raymond mill equipment, attention is paid to the sealing reinforcement between the nodes to reduce the leakage of dust;

Eliminate the old-fashioned bag filter and use the pulsed dust collector that keeps pace with the times. The effective dust removal rate of this equipment can reach more than 99.9%, and it can basically achieve green grinding production.

In the ventilation design part, the new generation Raymond mill changes the bellows and air duct from the original horizontal bottom to the center by 30 degrees to form a bucket shape, ensuring that the bellows and air duct are always unobstructed, so that the air volume is always maintained, which reduces the occurrence of dust pollution;

In terms of dust collection, the new generation of Raymond mills has also been greatly improved, from traditional secondary collection to four-level collection, in order to eliminate or reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

Investment prospect of the new generation Raymond mill

1. From an ecological point of view, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the construction of environmentally friendly mines has become an inevitable trend in the development of the mining machinery industry, so in the future milling market, the demand for environmentally friendly Raymond mills is still relatively high;

2. From a social point of view, the harsh milling production environment will not only affect the display effect of the finished powder but also cause great harm to the health of the mill operator. For the mill plant, the selection is good. Energy-saving and environment-friendly mill equipment are essential for the production and an inevitable choice for improving efficiency.


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