Powder Grinding Mill from Zhongde---Export to 160 Countries
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Recent years, non-metallic mine grinding and classification technology grow fast in China. To meet increasing market demands, Zhongde Heavy Industries designs HGM superfine powder grinding mill with advanced technology. Combining various kinds of advantages, HGM superfine powder grinding mill has a strong competitiveness in oversea markets include India, South Africa, Egypt and other more than 160 countries.

Areas of Application

CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) processing

CaCO3 is pure white powder with no odor and non toxic and processes steady-state composition. CaCO3 is a kind of important inorganic nonmetal material which is usually applied as a key filler and additive of industrial products. It is crushed and ground into wet or dry powder and then forms multi-granularity products by classification, which applies to the production of paper, plastic, rubber, printing ink, chemical building materials, sealing materials, daily use chemical products, foods and medicines. Zhongde Heavy Industries’s grinding mill that can process CaCO3 occupies a certain market and wins acceptance from customers in different countries.

Power plant flue gas desulfurization

Reducing SO2 emissions is an urgent need for air pollution control. Flue gas desulfurization is the most efficient way to reduce SO2 emissions and the size of limestone is a key to achieve the best desulfurization. Therefore, with years of research, engineers from Zhongde Heavy Industries develops HGM superfine powder grinding mill which has these features---high capacity, stable operation, and high quality and environmental-friendly finished products---and brings more market opportunities for our company.

Non-metallic mines

There are diamond, limestone, marble, gypsum and other non-metallic mines. By processing in HGM superfine powder grinding mill, finished products applied widely are high quality and eco-friendly.


Stable process

HGM superfine powder grinding mill applies sealed gearbox and belt pulley in transmission device of the main engine, so the grinding mill has process stability and operational reliability.

High-throughput screening

Compared with other powder grinding equipment, HGM grinding mill has high-throughput screening rate that can reach to 99%.

Long service life of quick-wear parts

The material of quick-wear parts is high manganese steel with long service life and all electric machines belong to international products.

Powder Grinding Plant

Project: Grinding Plant For Dolomite And Limestone In Tanzania

Materials: limestone

Finished Size: 600-1,250 mesh

Customer feedback: This powder grinding plant from Zhongde Heavy Industries can meet the strict demands of our company and its energy consumption is relatively low. The after-sales service is very timely and effective. Engineers will regularly call and email me for asking the working situation of machines.

In addition to HGM superfine powder grinding mill, there are other powder grinding mill like raymond mill. If you want to know more details on powder grinding mill, please feel free to contact us.

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