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2018 is coming to an end, and the whole year of environmental supervision does not seem to be over. Over the past year, there is more and more strict control in environmental protection, and a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with discharge of pollutants have been shut down for rectification. Therefore, it is important to build a sand and gravel plant that meets environmental standards, and the small mobile crushing device from Zhongde can easily meet your needs.

一. Small Mobile Crushing Equipment--Environmental Protection

We all pursuit “blue sky, clean water and environment”, which can be meet with the small mobile crushing device from Zhongde.

1. PLC intelligent control system: the small mobile crushing device from Zhongde is equipped with advanced PLC intelligent control system, so it’s convenient to carry out digital remote operation. You can reduce the manpower input because it only needs one workshop to master the equipment startup, fault monitoring, process adjustment, fuselage pressure, lubricating oil temperature and so on,

2. Flexible movement and strong adaptability: with integrated equipment and mobile operations it can move to the production site with the drag of its head, and it can be put into production without piling; it can move quickly and is very adaptable, whether it is a flat road or mountain.

3. Multiple configurations: Mobile crusher can work with a variety of equipment to achieve coarse, medium, fine requirements, very flexible; At the same time, it can achieve low dust, low noise, so that you can stabilize environmental protection, more importantly, for environmental protection, it can completely up to standard.

二. Value Analysis

How much does it cost to buy such a piece of equipment? As a new portable crushing device, its price is higher than that of a fixed device, and its later economic benefits are incalculable.

1. Use Value: the equipment is like a complete production line, and it is convenient to turn around work and stop, so the cost of machine piling is eliminated; Besides, it features high efficiency, high production and environmental protection, so there is no need to buy dust and noise reduction device; What’s more, remote control saves the manpower. In a word, the small mobile crushing device from Zhongde is high use-value.

2. Later Income: the equipment produces high quality sand and stone aggregate, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus, larger market sales, so the customers don’t need to worry about selling, so that you can quickly get back to the high profit.

Zhongde hope to cooperate with you sincerely

There are hundreds of thousands to millions of upfront investment in the equipment, and considering the comprehensive income, it is worth for you to purchase the machine. 

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