The 6 Factors for Product Quality and Capacity of Ball Mill
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Ball mill is key equipment for grinding after materials are crushed. Because it has advantages of efficiency, energy saving, intelligence, green, low carbon, durability and long service life, ball mill is very popular among industry participants of beneficiation, building material, and chemical industry.

We usually divide common factors into process factor, mechanism factor and management factor. In terms of process factor, there are six factors that influence the quality of finished products and capacity of ball mill.

Input size of materials

The input size of materials influences finished product quality and capacity. If materials are small in input size, products quality and capacity will be high and power consumption will be low. While if materials are large, there will be high power consumption and low capacity and quality.

Grind ability of materials

The grind ability refers to the ability of a material to be made smaller by grinding. According to standard regulation, we use kwh/t to show grinding power index. The smaller the number is, the easier the material is to be ground. On the contrary, it will be more difficult.

Humidity of materials

There are two kinds of ball mill: wet ball mill and dry ball mill. For dry ball mill, the humidity of input materials has a great impact on capacity and quality. Materials that have too much water will unbalance the input and output quantity, leading to more materials left in ball mill. So drying wet materials before materials enter ball mill can improve efficiency and increase output.

Temperature of materials

If temperature of materials is too high, there will be overhigh temperature in ball mill from material itself and friction and materials are easily absorbed on grinding body of ball mill. Moreover, ball mill body expands with heat, which is not good for safe operation of ball mill. Therefore, material’s temperature must be controlled strictly.

Requirement of output size

It is the important factor to reduce the fineness of outlet material for improving the grinding rate efficiency and increasing output. In fact, for some industries, for example, cement industry, it’s uneconomical to overemphasize fineness.

Ratio of grinding media to material

Ratio of grinding media to material refers to the ratio between the mass of grinding body and the mass of materials. If the ratio is excessively high, there will be more extra work, increasing power consumption and bringing output down. It’s a common issue involved in the media-material ratio in actual production.

Besides process factors, ball mill’s type and parameter, and the work of production and maintenance also play roles in finished product’s quality and ball mill’s capacity. Achieving high output with energy saving by ball mill is a systematic procedure in which all links related to each other, so we need overall consideration and cooperate with each other in every link thereby producing best effect.

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