1-2200 T/H Aggregate Production Line
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How to configure an efficient aggregate production line? With the exhaustion and pumping-limit planning of natural sand, artificial sand is used gradually. Accordingly, there are more and more ways to configure artificial sand production line. In the aggregate production line, crushing equipment and the manner of equipment combination usually is considered firstly.

Characteristics comparison of five kinds of crusher equipment

Jaw crusher

Advantages: simple structure, light in weight, low price, easy installation and maintenance, not high for plant building required, reliable operation, adjustable discharge size and not easy to jam for ores with high moisture and viscosity.

Hammer crusher

Advantages: simple design and structure and cheap.

Impact crusher

Advantages: small in size of machine body, simple structure, big crushing ratio, low energy consumption, uniform granularity, good in shape of finished aggregate, and having the selective effect of crushing ores.

Compound crusher

Advantages: large handling capacity, good in shape of finished product, low energy consumption, no need for feeder machine, and even wear on the inner lining of the crushing cavity.

Cone crusher

Advantages: high crushing strength, stable operation, primarily applied to hard and abrasive rock.

Combination comparison in common production lines

The choice of crushing machines and their combination way in aggregate production line are determined by production scale, budget, the way of maintenance and repair, machine performance, and finished product mixing proportion. In all aggregate crushing plants which have gone into operation, 200tph, 300tph, 400tph, and 500tph production are more common. And over 1000tph crushing plants are usually involved in cone crusher and compound crusher and mainly used by large-scale enterprises because of high equipment and construction cost.

Three kinds of common stone crushing machine combination: jaw crusher + impact crusher, impact crusher + impact crusher, and jaw crusher + cone crusher.

Jaw crusher + impact crusher

Features: good shape in finished aggregate, low energy consumption and total investment cost, less powdery finished product, moderate maintenance and operation cost, medium environment impact that is from noise and dust.

Project: Sand Making Plant in Indonesia

Customer Feedback: After using the Zhongde Heavy Industries sand making plant, our company’s output remarkably increases. Besides, the shape and size of finished products are both good and can meet the international standards. The automatic degree is relatively high and maintenance work is quite easy.

Equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, etc.

Impact crusher + impact crusher

Features: good shape in finished product, high energy consumption and maintenance and operation cost, loud noise, more dust, a large proportion in 0-5mm finished product, suitable for those companies that need a lot of artificial sand.

Jaw crusher + cone crusher

Features: be primarily applied to hard and abrasive rock, a small proportion in powdery finished product, low energymaintenance and operation cost, the least noise and dust among the three kinds of combination, high energy consumption, high up-front investment cost, more elongated and flaky particles.

Project: Manganese Ore Crushing Plant in South Africa

Customer Feedback: Through one of my miner friend, I know the Zhongde Heavy Industries. The sales are very careful, patient and earnest to make a plan for me and invite me to make a site visit. After the site visit, I think Zhongde Heavy Industries workers are really professional either in manufacturing process or in maintenance work. Then excessively, I bought a jaw crusher, three cone crushers, two vibrating screens and some accessories. After one year, their machines can still work well and their after-sale services are very good. The frequent call or email sent from salesman for maintenance work make my picky father feel comfortable and touched.

Equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, etc.

If you want to know more information about aggregate production line, please contact us online and tell us your needs, we will send you production information, price, service and other support via email in one working day after consulting our engineers.

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