Types and Prices of Bluestone Crushing Machine
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一. Types of Bluestone Crushing Machine

NO.1 Mobile Bluestone Crusher-- Beautiful & Powerful

With the development of the ages, more and more customers take the function and external features of the goods into consideration. And the Mobile Bluestone Crusher is both beautiful and powerful, so it is popular among customers. Now let’s learn about the attractive device together!

The Picture of Mobile Bluestone Crusher

1. Mobile Bluestone Crusher is like a crushing production line, which combines vibrating feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipment. What’s more, you can adjust the machine at any time if you have special needs, including single machine operation and multi-machine operation. The machine is gray and white color, so it is low - key but beautiful.

2. In addition to its good look, customers pay more attention to the function. Advanced technologies,such as telecontrol, automatic fault monitoring, touch screen operation, make it very convenient for you to use. Besides, it can be operate in the major production sites, climbing the mountain road flexibly and not damaging the road surface. And it features large processing capacity, uniform product size, high sealing, noise reduction, dust removal, sprinkler, low carbon environmental protection, what you needs can be realized.

NO.2 Fixed Bluestone Crusher-- Low-cost & Reliable

Fixed breaker has a long history and still plays a key role in mining machinery market even if mobile crusher develops well now. There are some machines can break bluestone, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and so on, so what are the advantages of fixed bluestone crusher?

Fixed Bluestone Crusher--Low-profile & luxurious & connotative

1. Price is favorable. Its simple structure saves a lot of money on raw materials in production and manufacture. Although fixed bluestone crusher is small, its output fully meets the needs of users, and machines with different specifications have different outputs, so users can choose according to their actual needs.

2. Later maintenance is easy. There will be no serious failure if it is properly operated and cost-effective in the overall investment, and the operation is more convenient. Therefore, it’s a good choice for users in a relative good production environment.

All in all, Mobile and Fixed Bluestone Crusher have their own advantages, users can choose the appropriate machines according to their needs and make high returns.

二. How much is it to invest in a bluestone breaker?

'How much is a bluestone breaker?' This question is often asked by users, but it is not difficult to see from the above that there are a wide variety of machines for breaking the bluestone. Simply, Mobile Bluestone Crusher is more expensive than Fixed Bluestone Crusher, but works better. So customers can choose appropriate machines according to their needs.

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